Instructions for Pulley Installation & Use

Corner Pulleys

The Corner Pulley and the Box Pulley, when used as a corner, should be installed by opening the hinge and driving 2 or 3 spikes into the ground through the holes in the hinge (See Figure 1).   The pulley is then closed over the hinge toward the inside of the corner.  It is a good idea to pound a slight indentation into the ground with a hammer where the hinge is to be placed.   If the ground is very hard, you can dig a shallow hole using the claw of your hammer. Placing the hinge in this way will cause the pulley to be tilted back away from the corner which will help keep the string in place around the pulley.

A Corner Pulley should also be oriented so that it equally divides the angle that the string will make when you proceed to the next pulley (See Below Figure 2 "Example A"). If the Corner Pulley is oriented as shown in "Example B", the force of the string will sometimes tilt and twist the pulley in such a way as to allow the lure to flip the string off the pulley as it goes around the pulley.


When using the Box Pulley as a corner, the string can be positively retained by inserting a spike through both holes located at the two rear corners of the base. The spikes should be installed through the top and bottom base and driven into the ground. Caution should be used when driving the spike into the ground so as not to distort the top base and prevent the pulley from rotating. Also, the screw eyes can be removed if the lures catch on them.   (See Figure 3)

Figure 3

Figure 3

Hold Down & Box Pulleys

Hold Down and BoxA Hold Down Pulley should be used where the string is not resting on the ground due to variations in the terrain. It is very important for the safety of the hounds that the string not be allowed to travel more than an inch or two above the ground. What you are trying to prevent is the opportunity for the hounds to pick up the string with their feet and to become entangled in the string.

Box & Hold Down Installation

Hold down NailsTo install a Hold Down Pulley or to use a Box Pulley as a Hold Down, you simply place the pulley over the string and hold it in place by driving 4 spikes through the screw eyes (or the hinge on a box pulley) and into the ground.  It is a good idea to cross the spikes as shown in Figure 4.

Removing a Pulley from the Ground

Grasp HereThe process for removing a pulley and the spikes from the ground should be as follows.  Grasp the pulley base and pull straight up until all spikes have been removed from the ground. This usually works in most normal soil conditions, however if the spikes just won't budge, you can use the claw of a carpenter's hammer to remove each spike individually. CAUTION: Using the pulley top or stainless steel center section as a handle to remove the spikes from the ground can bend the axle and render the pulley inoperable.

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