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Welcome back to Injoy, and we thank you for being patient while we transitioned the company from Vermont to Tennessee, upgraded our equipment and took ownership.

We are Eddie and Selma Kominek of Injoy Lure Coursing!! Welcome to the source of the best lure coursing equipment on the market!! While we acquired Injoy in 2023, the company has spanned decades since 1979, providing superior quality lure coursing equipment for the American, international, and even zoological scenes!! We are here to help and have a 24/7 tech support guarantee. We have the first mass built lure coursing products on the market, and we are so happy and grateful to be able to serve our coursing, racing, Fast Cat, and zoologic communities! For over 45 years, Injoy has been the premier provider of high-quality, durable and reliable lure coursing equipment. We are here to prove to you that no other company deserves your attention when it comes to ASFA, AKC coursing, AKC Fast Cats, All Breed Cat Tests, and Zoologic applications!!

Tally Ho!!!

Selma Kominek 

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"Team SOMOS - started out with Injoy lure machine and pulleys in 2003. I still use that machine and 2 more Injoys added over the years as well as the Injoy low profile pulleys. These have been used for straight and oval racing."

Penny Bolt


"We’ve been using INJOY equipment for our race club since 2009. 15 years of fun!"

Fran Hearley


"We got our Injoy lure machine in 96 or 97, used from a friend of ours. We are still using it! It is still all original."

Glen Davis

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