Standard Lure Machine

Standard Lure Machine

The stand is constructed of 1/2” black high density plastic and supplied complete with a 12 volt motor (2.5 hp), with solenoid, two battery cables, voltmeter, 8” spikes, fan & shroud and a switch with 15’ cord.

This 12 volt motor produces 2.5 HP and is manufactured exclusively for INJOY to our specifications.  It is designed to provide the most reliable and durable performance. The motor has a four hole mounting plate with a six inch long, 5/8 inch diameter shaft.  To provide more torque, it has four field coils and the shaft turns on two ball bearings. This is a high quality motor manufactured with lure coursing requirements and performance in mind. 

This machine should be used by clubs and individuals that run lots of dogs.  (wt. 34 lbs.)

Operating Instructions

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