Hold Down Pulley

SKU : FP-07
Hold Down PulleyNylon

Hold down pulleys are designed to be used in a horizontal position on uneven terrain and are placed over the string to keep it close to the ground. The overall height is 5” (12.7 cm), with a lure opening of 3-1/2” X 4” (8.9 X 10.2 cm). All INJOY pulleys are constructed using a stainless steel center, two sealed ball bearings and sides with 8” (20.3 cm) spikes for staking the pulleys to the ground.

The red nylon hold down pulleys should satisfy all but the most demanding field trial conditions. The nylon sides have an aluminum wear strip inserted in them which prevents most of the string cut damage if the string jumps a corner on either side.

The orange UHMW (Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) pulley and wood base makes for a practically indestructible unit. UHMW is a highly abrasion resistant material that is often used in soft faced hammers and as a lining for log chutes. The hardwood bases are subject to marking and string burns when the string comes in contact with them.  However, they do resist serious string cuts that require the base(s) to be replaced.  Once we sell out of the wooden ones, we may be out for a while.

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Material : Nylon
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